Getting over the fear of social media so that you get started and get more clients

“If you set your bar at ‘amazing,’ it’s awfully difficult to start.”—Seth Godin

Many people outright fear or find it overwhelming to start participating in social media activities. You can’t blame them. They may not know how to set it up. They may have little time. and hence they are not able to be consistent They may be thinking what should I write.

According to Facebook, there are currently over 1.11 billion active Facebook users. Twitter has over 500 million users, and Instagram has 100 million users. With statistics like these, it seems like everyone uses some form of social media. Let me clarify that statement, it seems like everyone is getting into social media, except me. That’s what you may be thinking and hence feeling more overwhelm. You are thinking you lack all the resources to get started

Note to yourself: Social media is here to stay. It’s not going away anytime soon. It’s everywhere! It’s more pervasive than the football, golf. If you need the find out the current status of pla, all you need to do is sign into your twitter account.

So as a small business or self employed person, How can you overcome overwhelm and achieve a business goal.
Here is my top tips for overcoming overwhelm.
Think of your brand name, or some standardized variation of it that you can use across all of the networks. Write down a few names. They will however need to be check to ensure they are available for use. Also, it may require a keyword research exercise.
Even though I believe that we need to have a presence on all 5 of the big social networks. Some social networking sites may make more sense for your business than others. Start thinking about who you want to communicate with and where you are likely to find them. Dont overthink and overwhelm yourself. Start somewhere and start small. Choose one that is more relevant for your business.
Your content should support your primary business goals, whether that’s to generate lots of traffic, or to sell more, or to increase brand awareness
Be delicated. Develop a reasonable, doable plan and stick to it year round. You can allocated time each day or week to plan your social media activities. 30minutes a day is a good start. More than that start thinking about using automated tools to assist with delivery of your content and to analyse the results.
Communicate and educate. Don’t inundate. Studies have shown that users have lost interest in a brand when they post too many updates.
Look to deepen your customer relationship with social media. Chis Brogan say” If you think of social networks as places where things other than your business happen, then you’re starting to get how this all works. People aren’t there to find you. They’re there for their own purposes. Your job is to have a outpost there and to listen, so that when someone expresses a need you can address, you’ll have the ability to start a relationship”
Is Social media really FREE? Many social platforms are free to join and to set up your profiles but there are other things to consider such content
Blog post
Social media status update
content promotion
As with any marketing activity, measurement is necessary

Bonus Tip:
You must be patience and be willing to adjust and adapt when it comes to social media marketing.

What you can achieve by the use of social media (Tip 3)
Increase awareness of your service
Increase awareness of existing products and new products
Demonstrate leadership and knowledge
Use it as a customer service channel and customer feedback
Generate new enquiries

How to engage contacts/clients with content (Tip 4)
We want them to like post, like your page, join group, make comment, share content, go to your website.

Content: You will need to plan this.
Thought of the day
Product tip of the day
Asking questions
Clear call for clients/Customers to take action. Eg. Click like if you think this is true

Now, there are 3 ways to get things done.
DIY – The ‘Do it yourself’ approach
DWY -The ‘Done with you’ approach to achieve the desired outcome
DFY – The Done for you’ approach. All the pain is taken away, all the complexity disappears, all you need to do it wait and get the results.

In conclusion:
An imperfect start can always be improved, but obsessing over a perfect plan will never take you anywhere on its own.
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