About Eva Dalgety

Hello, my name is Eva and I specialize in helping small businesses and self employment people to unlock online profits in their business as Certified Ecommerce Marketing Specialist.

I worked for over 10 years as an IT analyst and over the last 7 years have linked my IT skills with online marketing strategies to generate income online.  Take for example, in the last 7 year alone, I have increase the online sales profit and orders of my family tea business by over 417% by utilising my 7 step formulae.  As well as running by own Amazon Business which gives me and family a passive income, I have also helped other clients to do the same.

One of the strategies in the 7 Steps Formula is the you must make your potential customer/clients aware of you and your products/services.  So I would like to offer you a Free Guide containing top tips to elevating your social media presence and delighting your audience.